System for checking patrol duty. Dallas identification chips are fastened to the control points which are then attached, by the guard on patrol, to the sensor TM-33. The internal memory of this sensor reads the identification number of the chip and the device assigns the date and time of recording. Before starting the patrol, the guard can also register his personal chip to clarify who carried out the patrol.

The downloaded data from the sensor TM-33 to the computer is then evaluated using the supplied software.

Brief description

  • data transfer to the PC through the Master chip or direct reader
  • 1000 entries in the internal memory when reading entries through the Master chip
  • 4000 entries in the case of direct reader
  • power supply of handheld scanner - 1.5V in monocell AA alkaline, AA type
  • light indication of sensor status
  • operating time per monocell is approximately 3 months