The system for evidence attendance of employees and evaluation of their hours worked. To register, you can use the Dallas chips or contact-less chips (cards). On the terminal there are 7 membrane buttons to select the type of interruption of working time. Up to an additional 14 types of interruptions can be selected using arrow buttons. Their specific number, names, and evaluation method are user configurable via PC. Each employee is in the software and also in the terminal registered under the 6-digit personal number, which is together with the name of the registration displayed on the terminal. The data from the terminal is, after the transfer to the PC, processed using the supplied software.

  • maximum number of 2000 employees
  • internal memory for 6000 entries
  • the opening balance of hours worked on the terminal
  • usage at the same time for opening the door - separate registration passes
  • memory element does not lose content during power failure
  • same identification medium can be simultaneously used for other systems
  • simple installation of the system, including the software

Software options

  • instant overview of the presence of employees
  • creating various output reports, including exporting data to payroll systems
  • multi-level system of access rights
  • optional rounding (minutes, fifteen minutes)
  • optional parameters for each group
  • the possibility of batch input for several days at a time (illness, vacation)
  • automatic download of data at the specified interval
  • the possibility of manual corrections of entries in PC

Types of identification media

  • RFID chips, cards - 125 kHz
  • contact chips Dallas

Data Transmission Between the Terminal and the PC

  • cable, a serial communication link RS 485 or RS 232
  • cable to the local area network Ethernet
  • wireless WiFi
  • transmission box
  • GSM modem

Technical Parameters

  • dimensions 130x180x95mm
  • power supply 12V / 200 mA
  • operating temperature -20 to +50°C
  • protection IP54